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All our products are designed and developed by our engineering team. Our extensive background from the offshore industry enables us to design our own unique control and monitoring systems, for both new and existing products. Our products can be used on any equipment within marine, oil, gas, aquaculture, and land-based industry.


Control systems developed for newbuilds, retrofitting, or upgrading all types of machinery. Our system can replace existing control systems on all machines already utilizing mainstream PLC or PC-based controller. Compatible with mainstream protocols and networks allows usage of already installed components like loadcells, pump cards, amplifier cards and joysticks.


All our developers have more than 20 years of experience in the lifting and handling industry. We also design control system for newbuilds.



Our system is designed to provide the operator and technical personnel with live system information during operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It is designed as a standalone system for newbuilds, retrofitting or upgrading all types of machinery without interfering the original system. 


It can be configured with a wide range of sensors, customized in accordance with customer request and system requirements. It can also be connected to existing sensors. HMI menu tree will be individually designed.




Remote access is the foundation for urgent diagnostics, monitoring, software transferring tool, and cloud data storage. The system can be installed on all machines already utilizing mainstream PLC or PC-based controller and can be configured to push/pull equipment status and alarms as extreme overload, running hours etc to specified receiver.

Scheduled ‘health check’ can be performed on command or periodically to compare equipment operation according to specifications and to ensure service and maintenance. Without interfering the original system, additional 3rd party sensors and equipment can be connected. 



Replace the manual hand wheels/levers on the existing valves with electric actuators. The system is now operational from the bridge and ECR through a touch and mouse operated screen (HMI).

Only one system will be displayed at a time and each valve is individually controlled. The displayed system must be chosen on the menu tree on the screen.


All systems are capable of standalone functionality, with their own CPU/control system. Each system is built into its unique cabinet, with unique supply fuses for each actuator. The cabinet is equipped with plastic cable glands.


For service purposes a touch screen mounted in an IP67 certified protector case is included.

The screen can be connected to each cabinet in the machine room via cable and cobtains all functions. The screen can also be connected to the bridge/ECR in case om main screen failure.


Common equipment:


  • Cable list for the complete system.

  • Engineering, programming, and documentation.

  • Tags for cables and components.

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